No beans about it, it’s not real chili without Mexene®.

Over 106 years ago, John Walker of the Walker Chili Company developed Mexene® Chili Powder in a small South Texas town. The flavor was designated to duplicate the popular taste of chili made by cowboys and was loved by everyone in the area. As the word spread, its reputation grew from winning chili recipe contests throughout the country. With this widespread notoriety, Mexene’s distribution and brand awareness became synonymous as the chili powder of choice for Real Texas Chili. Today, Mexene® still uses the same original, authentic recipe since 1906 and is well known and regarded by real chili enthusiasts.

Since inception, Mexene® Chili Powder contains only the highest quality sun-ripened, pre-frost chili peppers blended with our secret mix of cumin, oregano and garlic. Just take a pinch between your finger and thumb (or a couple!) and rub and smell the delicious aroma that makes Mexene Chili Powder so unique.

Mexene® Chili Powder is called “The Chili Champions Choice” and is endorsed every year by the Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) and has been used in a majority of the winning recipes from the World Championship Chili Cookoff in Terlingua, Texas. In fact, in the 2016 competition, every single winner used Mexene® Chili Powder in their championship winning recipes! Check out our Photos section to view pictures from this famous competition.

Thank you for being a loyal supporter and purchaser of Mexene® Chili Powder and we encourage you to check out our Recipe section to view quite a few of our most regarded recipes, and of course, check out your local grocery store to purchase our secret recipe!

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